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A long history of delivering Successful projects

One call, hundreds of solutions

We built our successes and skill sets by creating our own companies and non-profits. This means we have deep experience in building and maintaining a successful organization. Self-funding the development of organizations trains you to be capital and execution efficient on a level you just can’t teach. We jokingly call this “clinically cheap,” which is being so obsessed with value that you can’t produce anything less than extreme value. 

Business Development

Sales, marketing and strategic joint ventures.

CFO Services

Funding, receivables, and financial process development by an experienced CFO.

Process Development

Simple process creation that produces repeatable results.


Release your team's creativity to create disruptive innovation in a repeatable process.

Web Design​

Our programming team has you covered from simple web design to significant apps and software.

Annual Planning

Custom annual planning with a monthly tracking system to help keep your team focused.

Creative Direction

From logos, to full branding and design projects.


The translation of academic research into insight you can implement immediately is a specialty of ours.

Strategic Solutions

Super solutions that solve multiple problems with one well-designed action.

Ethical engineered Growth

Build Sales through adding value

We live in a new age of sales that is about connection and not high-pressure dialing for profit. It is about delivering incredible value with absolute integrity. Learn how we can make this work for you today!

Investment in an outcome

The ROI Experts

We do not believe in investing in a concept, concepts are cheap, outcomes are what have true value. We believe that an obligation to a positive outcome accompanies investment. In other words, we deeply value partners who decide to trust us with their investment dollars and work fervently to ensure their return on investment.

Battle tested strategy

Best Practices

When you have built 67 organizations and helped build dozens more, you see the “Matrix” in a way that few people will ever understand. We use best practices that haven’t just worked for someone, we use practices that have worked for us personally. 

We Have Great Answers

Ask Us Anything

Innovation Farming for strategic advantages. Generally this is done after the Peak Energy program has become part of the culture in an organization. 

From startups with under ten employees to large multi-billion dollar brands with hundreds of thousands of employees, we have used our proprietary science to build success.  

Our funding is provided through income from the Summit Science portfolio of companies. There is no purchase or obligation if you use Summit Giving’s service offering.

We have been able to affect change in many organization is less than five weeks. When the basics of innovation and execution are understood an amazing shift takes place. 

Today’s market is cash flow driven, if you are looking for investment, your organization needs cash flow. If you need help building cash flow and then turning this into an investment, we have several services to help you down this path. 

Be modest and focus on a quality offering as you grow; be bold and take chances, but never risk more than you can afford to lose.

Yes, we have taken on several projects where we handle nearly every aspect of a transformation or growth project. However, this is rare, and only in teams we deeply align with on values. 

Our success rate is 100%, however, some of these wins were hard-fought and profoundly draining. We generally only embark on projects where we are sure there will not only be a win but that the success will come with a reasonable amount of effort. 

Outcomes matter

If you are interested in seeing what it is like to work with an outcome focused group, drop us a quick note