About Us

Empowering generosity in others


Summit Giving is focused on investing in technology and research that can empower humanity. 

This investment aims to increase the intelligence, happiness, and innovation in the people poised to impact our generation the most.


Traditional investment has monetary returns as its fundamental goal. Our venture philanthropy has improving the human condition one person at a time as its key performance indicator. 

We hope you find one of our programs to be inspiring and energizing for you and your team. 

Absolute Generosity

There is no buy-in, price, or obligation to use our products or services. We will give and support projects to the absolute limit of our resources. 

We Love To Innovate

From neuro research to technology and cutting-edge strategic finance, we love to execute transformation and do it in the most straightforward, accessible way possible. 

Plug and Play Programs

We offer programs for Peak Energy, Peak Project Management, Peak Habits, Peak Tasks, Peak Learning and dozens of others fully plug and play. If you bring the team, we will deliver the materials you need!

We Keep It Simple

In life, it is not what you can conceive, it is what you can achieve. All of our programs have been engineered simple to ensure the highest probability of success.  

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And execution

Too many groups have gotten comfortable telling stories instead of executing their plans. We believe that if your group trusts us with a project, we must achieve your dreams with extreme dedication and efficiency. 

innovate and empower your organization

Let's grow something special together!