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Energy, Innovation, and extreme wellness

Summit Giving combines thousands of hours of Community Wisdom into programs that elevate everything you do!

Innovation that shifts reality

We have Created Unique programs That Help people Grow

When people have more energy, higher intelligence, and the tools needed to innovate on command, your current reality and its limitations shift rapidly.

Peak Energy

Peak Energy is a powerful six-week program designed to help groups use the Scientific Method to understand what energizes them personally.

Peak Habits

Peak Habits training modules and intuitive apps are designed to create and foster efficient habit planning and formation.

Peak Tasks

Training modules and intuitive apps meant to create and foster efficient task planning and execution.

Community Wisdom

Community Wisdom training modules and systems release the intelligence and insight of large groups to solve life's most complicated problems.

Great organizations we have been

Privileged to serve

From human performance to innovation and safety, we had the great privilege to work with some of the best humans on the planet! We hope to add you and your people to this list soon!

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